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Your New Money Back Guarantee

Our product comes with a full, 100% money -back guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied,  just email us stating the reason you are unhappy, and you will recieve a courtous and prompt refund within 24 hours.  IT'S THAT SIMPLE !!!





How do I return an item?


Contact us via and we will send you 

retun address if your not satisfied with your item



 Returns policy?


Our products have a limited warranty that includes manufactures defects only. We do not warranty any 

product that has had misuse or abuse of any kind.


Our delivery options include





 Product disclaimer

Axeflame is not responsible for abuse and mis use of any and 

all products. Seller is not held liable for any malfunction or

misinterpetation of any use of these products. Buyer will 

imdeminify seller in every aspect any transaction made on 

this website or on amazon or other sites with AXEFLAME products.By purchasing products on this site you the (buyer)

agree to these terms. 





Product Warranty 


product warranty only covers manufactures decefcts such as

quality being substandard in witch the item will have to be sent 

back to Axeflame for further inspection, then we will make a 

determination if it was manufacture or consumer at fault.

If it is determined that the item is defective then we will replace 

the item or pay 100% of the cost.




United Parcel Service

Federal Express




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